Why Women Opt For Escort Services?

Women are getting exploited very badly throughout the world, especially in the poor countries. And it’s not just women either. Women and children as young as 9 years old are being trafficked around the world for sex. It’s an appalling state of affairs. And then there is forced escorting, it is when someone is forced to do sex in return for money. But not all sex-trafficking is forced upon people by others.

Sex slavery which later changed in Sydney escorts services is an old problem in the world. There are records of it dating back to ancient times. During Roman times, there were entire brothels set up for sale for sex slaves by the Romans to keep their empire under control. But this was just one of many things they did in secret. The Romans even had special brothels that only accepted female prostitutes called "mansions" which was secretly where most of their sex slaves came from. Over time, this practice was stopped but not until much later when church officials became aware of it and started preaching against it and denouncing all prostitution throughout Europe.

Reasons of women choosing escort services

  1. Profession:

Some women choose to be female escort near me to make money even though they know the risks including sexually transmitted disease and getting killed or infected by thee STD’s. They choose escort services as their profession and make this their main medium of living and earning food and maintaining their lifestyle.

  1. Getting into drug addiction:

 They get hooked on drugs and once they're hooked it's very hard for them to get off because their pimp controls them with threats of violence or he simply tells her she's got debts she needs to pay off to buy food for her family back home or just because he wants her under his control. The women are then dragged in the world of escort services , prostitution, brothels and the worst of all, the dark world of sex trafficking.

  1. For survival:

Just about every country in the world has some kind of sex trafficking going on. In many countries, it’s a matter of survival to sell you for money. Either women get forced into it or they get tricked into doing it because they're poor and want to make a living without starving or having a roof over their head. Or because someone back home needs a life-saving operation that only comes with money. People see this as a quick way to make money fast so they sell themselves for sex. Whatever the reason, they become escorts.

  1. Foreign influence:

Every year, many college going girls are influenced into the world of escorting and pornography by the big sex dealers and Escort Company heads by pretending this work as normal and easy way to make money. As the girls are not mature enough they get into the world of escort services.  

At last it can be concluded that women all over the world are getting exploited very badly by making them a piece to sell their body for other men’s satisfaction to easily earn money. This needs to be stopped if done forcefully or in wrong influence.